Jan 31, 2020

Wind | Official Music Video Release


Finally out ! So happy and proud to have out in the world our new music video WIND directed by the brilliant Theodora Voutsa.

This song is very dear to my heart . It talks about the moments we find ourselves wanting to change everything, start over, return to our true essence.
An Ode to Wind, when we feel powerless and in need of our own Deus ex Machina. Just until we realize that the Wind was inside us all along.

Special Thanks to the powerhouse women that put their soul in this project Julia Pamies on camera and editing and Sharon Garperzs on Make up and Hair. And of course Jan from Postwest.


Blow, wind, and lift me up,
Take me away tonight.
I must leave time behind for a while,
Face up to my shadow,
See who I am,
Find who I am.
Who I am.
Find who I am.
I must face up to my shadow.
Blow, wind, and take me
Where my voice can be heard,
Where every lie bleeds,
And becomes a screaming truth
That changes me
Changes me
Changes me.
Oh how it changes me.
It will become a screaming truth.
Blow, wind, and sweep it all away
And I’ll start all over again.
Let my life become an unknown land.
Let my heart become a kite
And let it drift with the wind
Drift with the wind
Drift with the wind
Drift with the wind.
Let my heart become a kite.