May 14, 2019

Creating Margo / A Musicmentary Part 1


"Creating Margo" is a documentary about Margo Nancyfor's musical theatrical performance "Stories of Margo - A Musical Confession".
Who is Margo, What is Music, where does the Creative Force come from?

Piano and Vocals by Margo Nancyfor
Cello by Dave Eggar
Percussions by Chuck Palmer
Guitar By Phil Faconti

Make up / Hair by Sharon Gasparezs
Video by Spiros Gogas
Costume by Katerina Papanikolaou
Lights by Sakis Birbilis
Music and Lyrics by Margo Nancyfor
Text by Margo Nancyfor
Text Advisor Evita Zimali
Directed by Theodora voutsa