Jun 21, 2019

Almost You l Official Music Video Release


So excited to share the video of Almost you with you. This song and video are very special to me.

The song speaks about the eternal quest for love.
It speaks about the One who made you forget all the others.
The One who made such a deep cut into your life that nothing was ever the same again.
When this kind of love finds you, it defines you.
And when it gives up on you, you never stop looking for it.

I was lucky to work with Yannis Dimolitsas who made a fantastic job bringing to image the deeper meaning and feeling of Almost you.
Harmony, beauty, calmness and sensuality were the gowns of the song’s esoteric despair.
Using as a backdrop the magnificent landscape of Dionyssos Marble Quarries in Greece, Yiannis masterfully creates images that depict the sense of absence of the Ideal Other.

Music and Lyrics by Margo Nancyfor
Directed by Yannis Dimolitsas

“In how many faces, in how many cities
Have I not looked for you.
Under how many names, in strangers’ bodies
Will you keep haunting me.

It’s almost you, almost you,
Something in the smile, something in the voice,
Something from you I always find,
But it’s not you.

It’s almost you, almost you,
Something in the gaze, something in the touch,
Something from you I always look for,
But it’s not you.

Love has turned into an unequal battle,
A thought that went astray,
In your absence, how long
Can your eternity endure?"